Why choose a Remote IT Support vendor?

Gone are the days of hiring a fulltime IT technician or waiting for an IT services company to dispatch a technician to your location. With modern high-speed broadband networks and the advent of real-time remote system control and screen sharing softwatr, 95% of IT support requests can be handled by an off-site technician. This lowers costs, but also increases the speed to service resolutin. With Essenz, a technician can be working on your issue within minutes of your call to us.

Flexible billing options

Are you tired of buying blocks of monthly hours from your current IT services provider? Essenz offers two very simple options: 1) Pay-as-you-go rate billed in 30 minute increments with no minimum commit, OR 2) flat unlimited monthly support rate priced per PC or Server. Pricing is fully transparent and available online for you to review.

Remote Support from a trusted local vendor

There are times where your issue will not be resolvable over the phone, and that is okay. Even though we prefer to fix issues remotely, we still have core staff that is able to come your location and work on issues that require hands-on assistance.