Do you measure your uptime in dollars?

For some organizations, just minutes of downtime result in lost revenue. Even worse, when your customers have to notify you of an issue, harm to your reputation cant be easily undone. At Essenz, leverage our experience, infrastructure and years of custom development to build the best pro-active monitoring solution possible. So much of IT is in the cloud, and so much of the cloud is constantly being put under emergency maintenance windows, dont be caught unaware.

Our capabilities and infrastructure

We have a custom developed monitoring system that is distributed across three diverse servers nodes (Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angelos). Each node site has been choosen to leverage diverse internet feeds so the combined platform has a truly global nose for sniffing our real outage vs localized network glitches. False positives on your monitoring can waste resources too!

The monitoring itself can be as simple as TCP latency response and packet loss threshold, or can be as complex as a direct database query or REGEX text match on website content. Our monitors can also alert based on degraded performance, say your website is loading correctly but requiring more then 30 secs to fully load and render.

  • Some of more popular monitoring widgets include:
  • REGEX match on specific page loads
  • Network utilization spikes (pre-emptive DDoS alert)
  • Server or VM side CPU health and Disk IO
  • Brute force SSH attempts

Alert Methods

When a monitor reports an issue alerts can emailed or sent directly to staff via SMS text, alerts can also be escalated per a customer defined SLA.